Real Authentic.

Another week, Folks!
How are you all? Today my cat LaFonda decided to throw up all over my bed. Exciting. She’s okay. It’s a cat thing. 
There are a couple of things I should tell you about. First, the film that I made with Lynn Shelton, Sword of Trust, will be the opening night, big deal event at the Seattle International Film Festival. I will be there. I’m excited. I get to wear one of my two suits that I bought. I just have to decide which one. The nice one or the really nice one. I think if you pay attention to my press you will start to see that I wear the same shit over and over again. Sometimes I let a few years go by but if you ever ask yourself when you see a picture of me or see me on TV, “Is that the same shirt (or suit or jacket or pants) that he wore on that other thing?” The answer is yes. Of course it is. 

I’ve often asked myself how other performers (men) always look so amazing in their clothes and always wear something different and fresh (I used italics) looking. They must own hundreds of suits and cool shit. Nope. They have stylists! I don’t know why I didn’t assume that. Naïve. I know the women do. I’m on a show with a bunch of women and if they do an event, famous designers just lend them their best stuff and a stylist helps them pick it out and they always look amazing. I don’t know why I never assumed dudes do this. 
When I was in NYC I was getting back to my hotel and it was late and as I was getting my key a man and a woman wheeled in a rolling cart with a stack of shoe boxes on it and several garment bags. The guy told the women at the desk he was going up to Jason Mantzoukis’ room. I thought, ‘I know Jason.’ I was at the elevator with the two of them and the cart and I asked him what’s going on. He said the John Wick premiere was tomorrow. Then I realized the guy was a stylist and Mantzoukis was getting hooked up.
When I got to my room I immediately texted Jason, ‘I hope you can find a dress you like.’ Because I’m an asshole. I also thought, ‘If he can do it, so can I. I’m not in the John Wick movie but I do things sometimes.' Then I realized I would have to try everything on. It wouldn’t feel like my stuff. I’d probably think it looked funny on camera which has been my experience when I wear shit that isn’t mine. So, it’s not going to happen. I’ll stick to my two suits, four shirts, three pairs of jeans and 3 jackets. Keep it real. Authentic. Lazy. 
The other thing I wanted to tell you is the new season of Joe Swanberg’s Easy is up on Netflix. It’s the third and last season and I’m in episode six. It’s called ‘Blank Pages’ and it’s really one of the best things I’ve done in my short career as an actor. It’s an improvised show and I’m working with Jane Adams (genius) and Melanie Lynskey (another genius). The subject matter is powerful and relevant. I’m very proud of it and I’d like you to watch it. 
Today I talk to Anjelica Huston about being Anjelica Huston. I was nervous. She’s Anjelica Huston. On Thursday I try to talk to Kyle Mooney. He wasn’t easy but I like his work on SNL. He’s an odd fella. Very funny. Good talks!


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