Push Forward.

Hola, Folks!

Heads up! The new season of Joe Swanberg’s ‘Easy’ is now streaming on Netflix. I am in episode five with Michaela Watkins. It was a great experience to work with her. I think we did something amazing on the show. Check it out.  

As the world ends, faster than expected, it’s getting increasingly difficult to carry the overload of darkness and fury that assaults us all each day. I can’t really detach and I can really shut down entirely, though I want to badly. I guess we have to just keep engaging in our lives and maybe appreciating them more. 

Appreciating each other more. Each individual human spirit has to be worth something as the Spiritus Mundi convulses and writhes under the assault of the craven power addicts and the side effects of that dynamic. So, put a premium on your life. 

I don’t know what to do from day-to-day to stop the storm of fire in my mind or the very real one spreading through the culture. I have become very sensitive to sounds and food and the energy coming off other people. I have been listening, wide open, to old music. Listening to songs that meant something. Songs that defined movements. Songs that gave people power to push forward against all adversity. The magic of music. Where are those songs now? Is there relevance to music and the power it once had to move generations to fight for what is right or was that all some dumb hippie pipe dream? Am I just nostalgic for a time I missed that was full of collective purpose because there was a collective or am I hoping that the collective will rise up with the vulnerable intensity and rage to elevate that precious human spirit? Each of them. 

Eh, maybe they were always just songs. 

Feeling powerless. Listening to Leonard Cohen. 

I just have to get funnier. That’s what I can do. 

I’ve been watching a lot of comedy lately. Helps. And I’m jaded. 

Today I talk to Greta Gerwig about her new movie ‘Ladybird.’ She directed it. She’s amazing. We had a great talk. On Thursday I talk to James Franco about his new movie ‘The Disaster Artist.’ It was good. I didn’t know if it would be. 


Boomer lives!