New Garage.

Folks! How goes it?

I’m writing this Sunday. I have to get dressed soon. I have to put on my fancy pants and go to the SAG Awards. I’m excited about this one. I am nominated for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series and Alison is nominated for Best Female Actor. The entire ensemble is nominated for GLOW. So, we’ll all be there. I hear this one is a fun one. Classy. It’s still a long day but I think it will be good. This is a room full of peers and they are the ones that did the voting. It’s a community event. I will be doing my own hair and makeup.

Our last day of shooting is tomorrow and then it’s back to the boards in front of the mic at the comedy club. I have to find some new stuff, new angles, new through lines, new funny. The work never stops. Have to get into gear for my brief European stint. I feel a little rusty.

I also have to pack up the garage and move it to the new garage. I don’t know if I mentioned that. There is a garage at the new house. It has a bathroom and it’s bigger than the current situation. I just wanted to make that clear. WTF will continue to be a garage-based show. The new garage may even be older than the current one. I’m not sure though. The house was built in 1908 but I believe the garage was added later. I believe the plan is to record the dismantling of the garage on audio at least and maybe video. I will let you know.

Today on the show I talk to Macaulay Caulkin. He wanted to come on the show. I thought it would be interesting to hear his story and see where he is at now. I was happy to see him. Also, Cameron Esposito stops by for a short-but-good chat. On Thursday I talk to bass player and producer Don Was about music, The Stones, re-mastering, and Detroit. It was great.


Boomer lives!