A Blur.

Hello, Friends.

Weird way to open. I feel like I’ve never said ‘Hello, Friends.’ Feels like bad news should come after that or that I’m moving on from the company or the company is closing. Then after that some kind of forced gratitude that comes from having nothing else to say happens. None of that is happening. Just needed a new way to start. Seemed frank, up front. Hello. Friends. Now I regret it. I guess I could’ve just deleted it and gone with something else because now shit feels heavy.

Hey, People!

Shooting is done. The second season of GLOW is wrapped. It’s an odd thing. Having a job that is pretty all consuming for a few months and then it’s just done. Over. A shoot becomes a community, like a small town with one restaurant and everyone works at the same place doing a lot of very different things. Occasionally dozens of strangers come by to hang out. Then it’s just over and everyone goes their separate ways. I guess there’s some relief in it but it’s weird. I think it’s going to be a great season. I have no recollection of almost any of it. A blur. 

I didn’t really plan any time off. I just keep working. Getting back into the standup heavy so I I have some new stuff to tour with. Doing the talking to the people. Working on the houses. Trying to get the cat ranch patched up and looking good. Trying to get the new place looking like someone lives there. And trying not to spiral into panic every day for one reason or another. It’s working out ok. 

Maybe someday I will just feel at peace with who I am and my life. I have moments, hours even, that are then ruined by impending doom of all varieties and not only in my mind. Many are up there, though. I guess I can try to temper those. I do.

Obviously not a lot to say today. Tired.

Today on the show I talk Rita Moreno. A LEGEND. Great actress, great stories, great person. On Thursday I talk to singer and musician Ezra Furman. I really like his records and I was curious about him so I had him over. Also, I talk a little bit with David Wain on Thurday too about his new movie.


Boomer lives!