It Was All Over.

I’m back, Folks.

It’s been a pretty good few days. I couldn’t track exactly why until I thought about it. I’ve had this strange feeling of relief the last few days and I realized having this president away, out of the country, is what it must feel like when your abusive dad or stepdad went on a business trip. You get a little breathing room. Obviously, we’re getting updates but it still feels a little better knowing he’s gone for a week. 

It was great to be in Chicago. I love Chicago. A real American city. I shot another episode of the yearly show ‘Easy,’ created and directed by Joe Swanberg. This time I grew the beard out to work with Michaela Watkins. It was like a fantasy come true. I love her. I’ve had her on the podcast but I never thought I would get to act with her. I didn’t think I would get to act at all in anything but that seems to have been proven incorrect. I’m no genius actor but I think I do a pretty good job. 

‘Easy’ is all improvised. Like, for real improvised. There's very little to go on other than we figure out where it should begin and end after a few takes. It’s very exciting. I have a lot in my head at all times just bouncing around looking for a way out so I like doing it. The character I play is painfully like me other than being an opportunistic ass which he doesn’t realize until the last minute and I’m not sure he even realizes it then. It’s his charm or flaw. Depends how you look at it. 

I’ve been out on the road for a couple of weeks. It’s predictable to watch my principles around food crumble out there. I have a cholesterol issue. I’m on fucking medicine for fuck's sake. I’m not sure if it’s working. I have to go get some blood work done. I’ve been really good about eating almost no animal products other than fish. But when you’re in Chicago you almost feel like you are being disrespectful if you don’t eat the good stuff. 

I buckled for some Lou Malnati's pizza and it was only a matter of time before nothing mattered. We ate a couple of times at some place called Neco. Then we went to a place called The Bad Hunter and it was all over. How could I not eat burnt coconut ice cream and steak kabobs? Not together. You know what I mean. It’s just interesting what the brain can justify when you want to believe it’s okay to act a certain way or do what you want. Reason dissolves. Belief in a moment is all you are honoring despite knowing the truth. It’s ridiculous and human and the source of most of the problems in the world. Obviously, I’m not talking about eating. You get my drift. 

Today I talk to Griffin Dunne about a lot of things. He’s doing an amazing job on the new Amazon show ‘I Love Dick’ with Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn. I also hang out for a bit with my old pal Bill Burr. Always good to talk to Bill. On Thursday rock Zelig and impresario Danny Fields talks to me about the Beatles, Warhol, the Doors, the Stooges, MC5, the Ramones, etc. He was there for it all. It was a lot to wrangle. Great talks. 


Boomer lives!