A Crazy Few Months.


This week is BookExpo at the Javits Center in NYC. I will be doing a sit-down talk with Sen. Al Franken on Friday to promote his new book. Also, Brendan McDonald and I will be doing a thing at The Book Con on Saturday to promote our new book. Come to both if you want. Good times. Books. Senators.

I’m on my way to London for a couple of days to do GLOW promotion with some of the ladies. I’m a bit worn out from all the traveling. It’s been a crazy few months. A lot of stuff. I’m raw and a little beat up. I don’t really like traveling internationally. I never really have. It’s a lot to manage. The time shifts alone are harrowing in their way. Moving through another country’s reality at half speed in a haze. I am looking forward to it this time though. Frankly, because I really want to make time to eat some Indian food there. There’s a place I love. Hopefully I can make that happen. Might go to the theater too. If there is time. It’s really a very quick trip. Hit and run. Yammer at cameras. Smile, smile. Turn on the charm. All against a mental backdrop of exhaustion. That’s the job sometimes. That’s everyone’s job sometimes.

Then in NYC for a few days doing the thing I talked about above. Hopefully I’ll have time for some fun things in NYC. Art, walking around, eating stuff, seeing friends and talking to strangers. I’d say that’s a pretty good list for good things to do any day, anywhere. When I get home, I’m going to try to take it easy this summer. I’m going to try to let my comedy evolve at its own pace as opposed to working towards something that is going to happen. I need to find some space to get where I am at. So much going on, everywhere, all the time. I have to get grounded. I have to figure out how I can help, get involved.

The wave of belligerence, willful ignorance, proud stupidity, violence and immorality that seems to be popping up randomly but consistently here in America is horrible. It’s awful. It’s un-American. Nasty business. The fact that no one seems to be processing much of anything and is in a constant state of reactivity is annihilating the bond between humans necessary to understand that it is all we are. We all have our issues and problems but we just want to live our lives and help other people live theirs. The fact that current leadership not only doesn’t address this but seems to encourage it makes it a bit evil and pretty fucking scary. There seem to be a lot of people that don’t give a fuck about democracy and are dead set on having a one-party, autocratic, fascist shit show as a national civic structure. It you believe in progressive values or just democratic decency we're kind of on our own out there. 

We have to look out for each other. That’s why it’s important to recognize the heroes of everyday life. Two men gave their lives on a light-rail train in Portland, Oregon standing up against a racist assault on two women. A third is still hospitalized with serious injuries. They were stabbed by an ex-con who had been radicalized by American White Supremacists. My heart goes out to their friends and families. They had no agenda in their actions other than being decent Americans trying to help someone under attack by a violent racist. 

Also, I’d like to thank all journalists who put themselves in the line of fire seeking truth from reactive monsters who think that might is right and promoting ignorance and lies is the path to power. Thank you. You are true Americans doing a profound and important service. Thanks to your work this has actually been one of the most transparent administrations in history. Much to their chagrin. It’s also important to start distinguishing between a ‘leaker’ and a ‘whistleblower.’ Think on it. We’re seeing a whistleblowing pipe organ. It’s an elevating instrument of truth. 
Speaking of doing the right thing and engaging in civic duty and responsibility, I talk to Senator Al Franken on Thursday's show about the work of government for the people. Today I talk to Jake Fogelnest about his journey from hip kid phenom through the bad stuff into the man stuff. Good guy. Good talk. Also, my pal Ron Funches stops by for a little bit.


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