I'm Procrastinating.

Things are horrible but fine. Given that I have to accept the chaos and stupidity that is humanity as a constant and just hope for the best and do what I can as we all stumble around in our individual styles of somnambulism, I’m doing okay. Okay is good. Okay is fucking great.  Okay is not dead or dying for the time being outside of time just passing by.

We lost a great comic. Kevin Meaney passed away. I hadn’t seen him lately and it was very bad news to hear. He was an original. He had a powerful impact on many of the comedians you see today. He was a relentlessly funny performer.

So, I’m procrastinating on something. I really have to get my kitten’s balls cut off but I’m having a hard time doing it. I know it’s the right thing to do. It might make him less likely to spray in my house. It might make him less crazy. It might make him less likely to bolt out the door every time I open it and possibly go knock up some cat down the street. Still, as a dude, I project. I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. I wouldn’t want to be picked up, put in a box and carted off to strange place and have my balls cut off, then be brought back home and expect to go on living life like nothing happened AND to like the person who was responsible. I imagine that’s a good metaphor for a honeymoon in some relationships but it isn’t my life. 

I’m having a difficult time doing it because I think that Buster Kitten deserves his balls. He earned them. He survived the mean streets as a child, nearly dying, and now he is safe and should be able to be the little cat king that he is. It isn’t fair to old Monkey that Buster gets to keep his nads. Monkey has been without nuts for years. It just isn’t right that I have some little stud flaunting his set in his face and beating up on him at every turn. I owe it to the old guy to take care of this. I will. I just decided as I wrote this. Buster’s balls have to go to preserve and respect the old cat Monkey. That is the house cat life.

Carnegie Hall is about 100 tickets shy of selling out which is very exciting. I’ve been doing long sets all weekend and I’m feeling good about the big show. The tour in the spring should be good as well. We are moving toward shooting a special somewhere but I haven’t decided where yet. Let me know if you have any ideas. I’m sort of thinking Minneapolis. There are a few new dates for this year and into the next on the calendar. Have a look. I may be coming to your city or nearby.

Today I talk to Sarah Jessica Parker who is as lovely as you would assume. I was all nervous and gushy to meet her. It's a good talk. On Thursday I have an amazing long chat with Ron Howard. He has a lot to talk about. He’s been in show business since he was like 4.


Boomer lives!