A Great American Industry.

What’s happening, folks?

I have been working my ass off on all fronts.

I wonder why I am shattered and confused and tired and anxious. There’s always a lot going on. Between shooting the show, doing standup, working on the WTF book, doing the podcast and trying to have a life, it’s a lot. I have to start thinking about taking a vacation for real as opposed to thinking about disappearing and going off the grid and being a comfortable hermit for rest of it. I already have a hard time compartmentalizing and now with so much going on I’m managing the chaos of expectations, others and mine. I literally feel like I am short-circuiting sometimes. I’m glad I don’t have children. I just don’t think I could handle it. Some things happen for a reason. I’m barely nice to my cats sometimes.

When you are on a big shoot like ‘GLOW’ you really see how much is involved in making even five minutes of filmed television. There are a lot of moving parts involved and a lot of people involved in the production. I get sick of people who are either jealous or ignorant of the process who think that the entertainment business is some cakewalk for the people that work in the industry. You may not like a show or celebrity culture or whatever you think ‘show business’ is or ‘Hollywood people’ are but there a lot of hardworking people in this racket. Lights, camera and action all take a lot to get up on their feet and it's real work, hard work. It’s a great American industry, so try not to be condescending or dismissive of people doing the job. Lights, trucks, props, writing, cameras, catering, transport, hair, make up, actors, writers, producers, directors, assistant directors, stand-ins, sound people, wardrobe, script supervisors, set design, builders, electricians, etc. It’s a lot jobs and a lot of work. So, don’t be a dick about it just because you don’t like your job or you didn’t have the courage to pursue your dream or you’ve got some skewed idea about what show business is.

There are about one hundred or so tickets left for my Carnegie Hall show if you want to get tickets. Just a heads up.

Also, don’t forget the ‘ Now Hear This’ festival is next week. Come check out more than 30 podcasts, live all weekend. It's October 28th through 30th at the Anaheim Marriott, and the special WTF show with me and Brendan McDonald is on Saturday, the 29th.  Get tickets at NowHearThis­Fest­.com and see the full lineup. You can use the offer cod WTF when you buy tickets to get 25% off General Admission.

Today on the show I talk to David Crosby. He’s a legend and a survivor and a surprisingly sweet guy. On Thursday I talk to comedy road warrior Rich Shydner about his new book. Anthony Bourdain also has a new book out, so he stops by for a few minutes. Good week. Good talks.


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