He's Eating.

Hello, Friends!

I’m not sure if there are still tickets left for my special tapings at REDCAT on Oct. 30. It’s a fairly intimate space but there are two shows that night, 7pm and 10pm. If there are tickets you can get them at wtfpod.com/tour along with tickets to upcoming shows in Philly, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville and SF. Good times.

Monkey update. I don’t know if I’ve kept you in the loop entirely. I have a hard time remembering shit these days. I guess I could just look at last week’s update. Either way, I went into a little panic with Monkey this week. He has been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and I was given what seems like a million little pills by the vet. I know, you’re thinking how the fuck are you going to get your cat to take pills. Nightmare, right? I’ve never been able to give my cats almost any medicine, ever. These pills are small though. I use pill pockets. Theyre these little wads of sticky, chicken flavored, cat crack with a pill slot carved out and you just stick the pill in there and close up the hole and HE EATS THEM. Amazing product and I’m not being paid to say that.

He did ten days of one pill a day and I’m about a week into two a day now. A few days ago he was completely lethargic and gagging and I thought he was on his way out. He wasn’t putting on any weight but he was eating. I just thought he was dying. He’s 15. Then, all of sudden, he was back. Focused. Energy good. Obviously, I don’t think he will live forever, but if he’s happy I can keep him around for a bit. There’s still a lot more pills but they seem to be working, I think.

I talked to some people who had the same problem with their cat and had him irradiated, zapped. To kill the thyroid. They said it worked but they had to keep the cat in the basement for ten days because it was radioactive. Crazy. I’ll stick with the pills for now.

Today I talk to the human embodiment of The Comedy Store, Argus Hamilton. He was one of the original Comedy Store comics and he’s the only one of his generation that still works there. On Thursday I talk to my GLOW co-star, comedian Jackie Tohn. Great talks.


Boomer lives!