Everybody relatively ok? I am. Edgy. Eating. Itchy on the inside. But okay.

I’m trying to see the events in my life as more than just part of a process or the past or just some shit that happened. It’s weird how quickly things fade into the past for me. Stuff just blows by and it feels like things that happened last week could’ve happened years ago. I’m going to try to really engage with what is happening in my life. I’m starting to drift a bit.

Like, last week was kind of monumental. Aside from having a birthday and going to the premiere of a big movie I have a small part in, I got to jam with a great punk rock band. I know, it’s crazy. Middle aged me ripping a lead on Neil Young’s ‘Keep on Rocking in the Free World’ with Titus Andronicus. IT HAPPENED!

Patrick Stickles texted me to tell me he was in town with the band and they were playing at The Bootleg Theater. He asked me if I wanted to come see the show. I said, ‘Fuck yeah!’ He then asked me if I wanted to maybe bring my Goldtop down and jam on the Neil song. I said I could probably manage that. I checked out the chords. Very doable. Easy, even. When the time came to go. I loaded up my axe but when I got there I got cold feet about bringing it in. I don’t want to walk in with my guitar in front of all the kids to play one song. Patrick had said he’d have one there if I needed it.

It was the last song of the night. I realized during the penultimate song of the night that I may not be too clear on some of the changes in the song. So, I ducked out to the john and loaded it up on my phone and listened. Walked back in the room just in time to brought up on stage. We played it, exchanged some leads, wrapped it up. Someone tweeted a vid of my lead and I have to be honest, I’ve watched it about ten times a day since Thursday. I love playing guitar.

On Friday I had a 56th birthday. I bought some records, relaxed, reflected, had a nice dinner with someone. Perfect.

On Saturday I went to the premiere of Joker. I have a small scene in a big movie and I have to be honest, again: I showed up for work. I held my own. It was cool to see me on the screen with one of my heroes, Robert DeNiro. Thrilling actually.

I am noticing my accomplishments from here on out. Not blowing past them.

Today I talk to Marilu Henner about her insane upbringing and life in showbiz. On Thursday, if everything works out, I will be talking to Danny DeVito about Danny DeVito.


Boomer lives!