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WTF - Rob Schneider started as a trombone comedian.

Full episode out 4/11


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Craig April 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm

So many things happened for me during this episode:

1. Liked and laughed at Rob’s on-air humor more than many other guests. Noticed you laughing more too…

2. Realized, again, your job of corralling an active mind can be challenging

3. Heard him vent, but later thought about your often repeated phrase about people handing you money appreciate you making more for them - conversely don’t appreciate you losing it AND that entertainers have to care (or at least understand) that is the deal.

4. Didn’t hear you ask (or him explain) why he made quite a few really bad movies.

5. Wondered why you didn’t describe the show more glowingly in the opening - because I thought is was wonderfully entertaining.

In case this isn’t obvious, I really enjoyed it, was sad it was over and wished there had been more.

Great job Marc - thank you

Mook Dubious April 13, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Wow…. I wasn’t really sure if this was the Rob Schneider I knew or not. (It was.) Great interview as expected from ya, Mark.

Looked up and saw the facebook comment section by a Rick Marcotte or sumthin like that. I was thinking that maybe you were being a lil unhinged about the “hater trolls” that you seemed to be overly concerned about. Sheesh… I stand corrected… They really ARE dicks!!! (and prolly small ones at that.)

Moving right along, even tho I think it was discussed on a much earlier episode, I’m still gonna consider your podcast as therapy whether you like it or not!!!!! Therapy CAN be where ya find it, so :p!!! (And yes, I know you’re probably not all that fluent in emoticon speech… Sue me… ) ((P.S. I’m poor!!! HAH!!!))

AND, as a last comment.. (or prolly a pre-last comment).. Will ya PLEASE quit picking on us progrock lovers??? Dayum!!!!  “The guy from Rush” is not only a great drummer, (just ask Lars Ulrich) he’s probably the most insightful lyricist EVER!!!! I defy you to listen to the lyrics to “The Color of Right” and not come away changed in a positive manner. No, it’s not a “life changer.” But it should be a modifier!!

Oh, well… After saying all that….I’ve been TRYING to find decent podcasts to fill in the voids when I don’t have yours to listen to and NO ONE does it nearly as good as you, Mark. And if I have to continue to suffer the slings and arrows that you send to my fave bands and your insistence on not seeing your tortured ass as a positive inspiration for some us, I’ll just have to quote you and say “Fuck you, Randy!!!”

Love ya, Mark….. Never quit, never die, never lose your edge.,...

Peter April 14, 2013 at 8:41 am

Excellent &interesting; interview. Always liked Rob and even hid dud movies had some laughs (Deuce Bigelow is hilarious at times especially the Amy Poehler Tourettes Syndrome scenes).  Good to know Rob is aging well and getting back into his standup.

Keep up the good work - the Boston standup show was great!

steelo brown April 18, 2013 at 10:11 am

Often I’ve written off someone as a douche bag then listening to your Podcast found new respect for the person.  The interview with Rob was both hilarious and fascinating, the guy is way deeper than his movies or roles he usually plays.  I wish you could have spent longer with him, as the zen stuff was getting really interesting!

Great job as always Marc - bringing out the best in people.