My Brain needs a rest.

Hail, People-

Thank you, Indiana. The shows at Crackers were exciting and helpful. I’m trying to get this hour or so together for the taping of my special in a couple of weeks. I have to say a lot of things happened on stage that will never happen again and it was wild. I hope those that witnessed it had a good time.

I appreciate all the pre-orders for my book, Attempting Normal. If you haven’t pre-ordered and you want the book, please do here.

I will be at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Saturday the 13th. Should be a great show. I’m excited about performing there. Come out if you can.

NYC. I may be doing a secret show on Monday the 15th. I will let you all know.

I’m getting very excited about the show premiering on May 3rd and the book coming out on April 29th. I feel good about the work I did on both. I hope you all dig them. I must be freaking out on some level because my brain seems unable to process anything other than what is going on now or in the next few hours. My mind seems seized in its ability to process my schedule for tomorrow or beyond and to think about anything that is on that schedule. I guess its good but I think my brain needs a rest and I won’t be able to get it until May. I trying to stay the course and not snap.

I had the privilege of doing Chick McGee's podcast, Off the Air. He's one of the guys on The Bob and Tom Show out of Indy. They've been around for years. Not unlike a lot of terrestrial radio outfits they are feeling the crunch of the times upon them and Chick is doing his own podcast. I have to be honest. It got pretty fucking heavy and emotional, more so than most of my shows. You can tune in to my appearance on Thursday but he posts two a week. Check it out.

Dean Delray is on the show Monday. He is a real character. He’s a newcomer to comedy but not to life. He’s a very entertaining storyteller with a rare rock and roll enthusiasm for everything. Rob Schneider talks about where he’s been and what he’s been doing on Thursday.

Short update today. I’m a little burnt.


Boomer lives!