When it gets still.

Merry Happy, Everybody!

I’m a moron and a bad Jew. I had no idea when Hanukkah started and now it’s almost over and I have done nothing. I’m just waiting for it to get still in LA. I love when LA is still.

I don’t know if I am not a good party or dinner guest, but I will be honest with you. I was invited to one holiday party and another at the last minute. I think I’m an okay guy, good talker, entertaining, fun to be around. Am I delusional? Unless no one I know is having holiday parties. I can’t believe that, though. It’s just odd to me that I have these beautiful conversations with people. Some of them make me feel like I’ve gotten very close to people and not one out of the 550 that I have done invites me over for a little dinner or a party. Weird. Well, two did. I knew them before I started the podcast.

Maybe this is all too personal to me. I assume that my conversations are icebreakers for what some part of me thinks will become a lasting friendship. I guess not, for the most part. It’s ridiculous. I’m just a show people do. A personal show where we share emotions and stories and maybe a coffee and go our own ways. I think these feelings are compounded by the fact that I’m a bit nostalgic. I’ve lived many lives. There have been many people that have gone away. Bits and pieces of all them come back to me in memory when it gets still. It’s hard not to be melancholy when you are sitting alone.

Speaking of people who get attached to their subject, on Thursday I talk to Larry Grobel who did a good many of the famous Playboy interviews. Back then, or at least when he did them, interviews could go on for weeks, even months. So, to honor that, I interviewed Larry in two different sessions to see if it would really make a difference. Point being, he got very close to some of his subjects just by virtue of spending time with them. He went to Brando’s island. Does that mean they are friends? Hard to know when you are the interview guy. I talk to him about that.

On Monday, I have an absolutely amazing conversation with Melissa Etheridge. She sings a song off her new record. too. It was just great. Just listen to it.

Happy holidays! Be safe.


Boomer lives!