We Barely Made It Out.

Greetings, People!

Australia next week! We will have a good time no matter how how many people decided to come. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. October 15th, 16th and 17th! Check dates and links to tickets at wtfpod.com/calendar. Come if you can!

I was just in Raleigh, NC. The woman I am seeing, Sarah Cain, had a big art opening there at CAM Raleigh. I flew down to be there. She did a work on site. She painted the fuck out the place and it is pretty amazing. It’s moving to be thoroughly impressed and surprised by the work your partner does. I had seen a couple of her previous works on site before. They were great but this was some next level shit. I know her pretty well. I guess as well as someone knows someone they have been seeing a year. But how can you really know what a creative person is capable of or what is inside a creative person until they put it out into the world. I sat there with her before her opening and took it in and was moved to tears. It’s hard to say whether or not it was pride or awe or actually being moved by the massive colorful abstractions. It was probably a combination of the three and maybe a couple of other things. It was intense. I like being with someone who does something so outside of my wheelhouse that I don’t feel insecure or threatened by it. I could never do what she does. Sadly, sometimes it takes that for me to be able to appreciate something. If you live in that area or if you find yourself in Raleigh you should check it out. The show runs through January 3rd.

We barely made it out of Raleigh to come to NYC. At least it seemed like we barely made it out. The weather forecasts last week lead me to believe that I might not ever get out of NC. The foreboding possibility of a hurricane that seemed like it might destroy the entire Eastern seaboard was all anyone could talk about. I was ready to start looking at houses there.

It’s weird when you live in LA how relieving it is spend some time in a wet place that just seems to have water around and it's taken for granted. I’ve never surrendered to and enjoyed torrential downpours so much. It seems that LA is just slowly baking with no marinade and we’re all going to dry up there. It’s apocalyptic and frightening. I fantasize about living in a wet, rainy place.

I’m in NYC. I did the New Yorker festival where I was interviewed by Kelefa Sanneh. That went well. I’m heading out to Princeton to do a lecture on… me… I guess. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m in the same hall that Einstein presented his Theory of Relativity. So, no pressure.

Speaking of art, I had a pretty revelatory talk with Peaches on Monday. I knew very little about her other then she puts it all out there and is very provocative in a sometimes challenging and off-putting-but-hilarious way. It was good getting to know her. On Thursday I talk to British blues legend John Mayall about music and many of the rock legends that started in his band. I also spend a little time with The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman. We go back to the Air America days. It’s always entertaining to put Dan on the spot about food, or anything, really.


Boomer lives!