There certainly is no glamour to casino culture.

You good?

I made it through a weekend at Foxwoods Resorts and Casino without becoming a compulsive gambler and/or losing more money than I can live with. I lost a little but I don’t blame myself. Apparently casino gambling is not an even playing field. There is that part of me that thinks all I need to do is win a few hands and stop. I did that, then went back, lost, went back again, won, went back again, lost half. I did good.

The shows at Comix with Ryan Singer went great. I really want to thank the WTFers that came out. I know it is not somewhere you would go—ever. Thank you for the Cat Toys, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and the Rhode Island regional gift bag. Much appreciated.

There certainly is no glamour to casino culture. It is definitely not America at its best. Just a parade of fat, oxygen tanks, desperation and women who don’t know how to walk in heels. I had moments when I asked myself, “Where the fuck do these people come from?” Do they live beneath the ground where they sit in subterranean caves eating and watching American Idol? When the weekend comes do they crawl out of manhole covers and walk en masse like zombies to the slots? I sat at a Black Jack table with an obese women, a guy with a tank smoking, three Asian men and a compulsive gambler who was playing 500 dollar hands, losing, while watch a baseball game on a small screen at the table. The reason they pump oxygen into the rooms is so people who have any self-awareness won't become suicidal and ruin the fun for everyone.

The Bell House shows were amazing. Thanks for coming out! The first show was hot and weird but awesome. The second show was mind blowing. Look forward to those.

This week on the show the long wait is over. Brian Posehn hangs out in the garage and talks for an hour. I swear we have maybe spoken for 12 minutes over the entire 15 years I have known him. I actually didn’t know if he could talk for longer than that. It was great to hang out with him. Also on the show this week, Ahmed Ahmed talks about being an Egyptian comic, his family, doing comedy in the Arabic countries, and his new documentary that opens this week.

Hope you dig it.


P.S. I’ll be at The Comedy Works in Denver for the first time June 16-19. Come down if you are around.