I guess my hood is getting hip.

Hello, Supporters.

Sorry about that greeting. I must’ve gotten all NPR on you for a second. Goddammit! I can let this get to my head. The ten-part WTF series that myself, Jesse Thorn, and Nick White produced for PRX is being picked up by some NPR-affiliate stations. These are re-edited interviews from the show with some new intro and segue material. That’s right! The show that I do in my garage, car, and people’s apartments is going to air on WBEZ in Chicago starting June 5th. It was also picked up by WNYC in NY and KCRW in LA, though I don’t know the exact dates. This is exciting. We did it. I feel like we just broke into a library or something. Very exciting. Who knows—maybe I’ll be on the lecture circuit soon. Hah.

I had an interesting experience when I went to get my eyes examined. I went to this optical shop here in the neighborhood that I have been driving by for years—The Society of Spectacle. I was amazed. They had a great selection of stuff and Maria Bamford’s CD was on the counter. She lives by me. I guess my hood is getting hip. I asked the woman who owns the place if she knew where I could get my eyes examined. She referred me to an optometrist right down the street from me. She said the guy was cool and that he was a trumpet player. I thought, "Okay…how is he with eyes?" So I go to his place and again, I have been driving by this storefront with its hand-painted sign for years and just thought it was a crappy little place. Turns out, the guy is a real jazz musician. He was probably in his late 50s. Jewish, from Indiana, and he played out with his sextet all the time. Who knew? We talked about Lenny Bruce, Art Pepper, Lord Buckley and Gil Scott Heron. He dilated my eyes and gave me his CD—"Hippy Chicks on Acid – The Elliot Caine Sextet Live at Alva’s." WTF. My optometrist swings, man.

This week I will be at Comix at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut if you are in the region and want to come out and watch me and Ryan Singer do the funny thing. I am sorry about selling out The Bell House shows so quickly if you didn’t get tickets. We’re doing another two on July 25th.

This week on the show I am excited to feature the creator of Community, Dan Harmon. Dan is a very intense and brilliant dude. Think you will dig the show. Also this week I talk to the very talented Iris Bahr about Israel, Jews and her webseries, Svetlana’s World. You can check it out here www.svetlanasworld.com.

Okay. We good?