The Purge Continues.

Hey, People

So, this week I head to the Midwest. I’ve been talking about it. I’m a little nervous. I haven’t been out there doing the hour for a while but I’m sure we’ll make something happen together. It's going to be exciting. I believe Friday in Lincoln, Nebraska is sold out and Saturday in Iowa City is close. As far as I know there are plenty of tickets for my Kansas City, Missouri show on Sunday. So, that’s what’s happening. Looking forward to it all.

The purge continues. As some of you may have heard I solved the ‘what was that piece of furniture I threw out called’ puzzle. It didn’t start with a ‘C’, it was not a Credenza which many of you suggested. And thanks for all the help. It was a Buffet. That is what she used to call it. I think there are probably other names for it but that is what it was. I am so fucking happy it is out of my house. Now I can't stop getting rid of shit. I’m on a roll. I’m just throwing stuff away and giving stuff away at a pretty rapid clip. I did the Dining Room and Living Room--all the shelves and drawers. Clean. Went through all the bathroom drawers and just trashed all the expired creams and products that were mine or left there by a history of people who have lived at my house or given to me and never once used. Just threw out a bottle of BBQ sauce in my fridge that was dated 2013. It was just sitting there like a friend that never talked. I never used it. It was actually an ex-girlfriend’s. I really have to question why I keep stuff around.

I realized that I buy very few things. I’m not cheap. I just amass shit. I get stuff from people bringing it into my house. From people buying it for the house, like exes. Most of my clothes are left over wardrobe from my TV show. I get stuff from you folks, which I love, but as you can imagine my house was becoming museum of gifts and shit that was left here. I have a closet full of suits that I took from my gig as host of VH1’s ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks.’ Not only did no one see the show, nor was it picked up, but those are almost 20 years old, AND I don’t wear suits. But there they hang in my closet. They have to go. It’s weird. I am actually attached to them hanging in my closet and that show sucked. It was an awful experience. I have to really assess my shame artifacts and maybe on a deeper level why I need to sit in some kind of shame in general. Also, I can buy my own suit if I want. I should. I will buy a shameless suit. Soon.

Today show I was thrilled to have Richard Linklater stop by bearing a gift of Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak on vinyl. Class act that guy. It’s hard to find those things in good shape. The one I had was a bit beat up. We talk about his new film ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Good fun movie. Also, I talk for a longer amount of time to Sam Rockwell. Great actor, great guy, fun talk. On Thursday the elusive and brilliant John Lurie comes out of his relative seclusion to hang out in the garage and talk art, music, the Lower East Side, drugs, film, painting. Good talk. Cool to hang out with him.


Boomer lives!