Dispatches from the Head

The future is here.

Well, Folks-

Things are getting interesting. Before I forget, again, I will be at The Comedy Works in Denver this weekend, June 16th – 19th, and at The Comic Strip in Edmonton June 23rd – 26th. Would love to see you at either!

The only way I can seem to relax these days is to sit and watch two or three episodes of Chopped on The Food Network. I think its one of the only shows on there where you can actually learn how to cook. I think it also speaks to most of us who don’t really shop as much as we should. You look in the fridge and say, “I have pickles, half a yogurt and ham. You have 20 minutes to make a first course, Chef.”

I think I should tell you all that I shot a thing. A few months back I pitched an idea for a show based on my life to a production company. Then we pitched it to a studio. Then they gave us a few bucks to shoot something and we did. It will basically be a pilot presentation but in all honesty it was a full show. Ken Jeong played himself as the guest on the podcast and was great. Ed Asner played my dad. Erin Daniels played my vet. Angela Trimbur played my girlfriend. Seth Morris played my producer. It also featured Matt Jones (Badger from Breaking Bad), Sean Patton and W. Kamau Bell. I really want to thank all of them. There was really not much money involved and we had a great time. I wrote the pilot with Duncan Birmingham and we brought in Luke Metheny to direct. We shot in my house and a couple other locations. We did it in two 15-hour days. I made Ed Asner coffee while we waited to shoot. Too wild. ED ASNER WAS IN MY HOUSE! Sorry it is not going to be aired. Maybe we’ll all get to see it. I’ll let you know.

Show business has changed…for the better. Whatever is happening to me now started, and remains, in my garage. The future is here.

Yesterday I went shopping for a dresser in Silverlake at a fancy used furniture store. I ran into Jimmy Kimmel. We’re trying to set up a time when we can talk. There was a funny moment at the store. I’ll tell you about it on the show.

This week the amazing Amy Poehler stops by the garage. We have a bit of history—nothing dirty—but I knew her back in the day. Also this week, writer Jill Soloway talks about working on Six Feet Under and Jew stuff—yup, more Jew stuff. She also knew my ex-wife and you know how much I like to drag that shit up.




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