Comics would say it was the best room…ever.

Oh, man, Denver-

First off I will be in Edmonton at The Comic Strip this Thursday through Sunday. If you are anywhere within a reasonable radius please come down. It’s in a mall. I need some troops out there.

Please check the schedule to the left here to see when I will be in your area. It’s great to see you folks at the shows.

I’ve been hearing about the Comedy Works in Denver for most of my career. Comics would say it was the best room… ever. Well, after being there all week I would have to agree. It’s one of those rooms that is so good, you start to doubt the audience's laughter. I do that anywhere but more there. Thanks to all you WTFers for coming out. Good to see everyone. Thanks for the brownies, cat toys, picture frame, pez dispenser, and thanks to the dude with missing fingers who gave me the Motely Crue shirt off his back. He wouldn’t let me argue with him. I had to take it.

The most amazing thing that happened in Denver happened after the first show on Thursday. I was out in the lobby selling my shirts and a guy shakes my hand, holds it, and says, "Marc Maron." He’s looking at me like he knows me and it all comes back to me in a rush of time and we both say his name simultaneously….Eric. Holy shit. I hadn’t seen this guy in over 30 years. We were best friends in junior high. We even had a band together. He sang. Well, we knew three Rolling Stones songs. I thought he was dead or lost. I had tried to find him a couple of times over the years but to no avail. He looked healthy. He had a woman with him. They seemed happy. We made plans.

I met him at the restaurant he managed. Over lunch he told me about his life and I caught him up with mine. It was a lot of ground to cover but we did it. Then there was only one thing left to do. We drove over to the Guitar Center. We went into the back acoustic room. We grabbed a couple of Gibsons and played our old set list. He sang and I heard the kid I knew in his voice. It was wild. Full circle. Maybe I’ll talk about it in a little more detail this Thursday or next week. I think I will.

This week we have the live WTF from The Steve Allen Theater featuring: Joel McHale, B.J. Novak, Dwayne Perkins, Allan Havey, Eddie Pepitone, and, of course, Jim Earl. It got a little deeper than most live ones. Dig it. On Thursday, Jimmy Fallon. I spent an hour with Jimmy at his office at NBC in NYC. We talked a lot about music but that is the kind of cat he is. Nice guy. Good talk.

Enjoy the day…..or the minute. Whatever is easiest for you.


PS - Why is there a pickle in the skylight? Listen Thursday.