Someone Make That Happen

Aw, shit, People-

Golden Globes! Yep. I’m watching them right now. I love them. I know it’s shallow. I know it doesn’t mean anything in the big picture… but it does. I love show business. No matter how cynical I may seem or how bitter I come off or how jealous I feel. I love show business. I know I go through this every time an award show is on. I have to cop to it. I love what I do, what I have done. I’ve achieved almost everything I set out to do in my life but for some dumb reason I want to wear a tux and be validated by show business. I can accept that it probably won’t happen and, again, I am really okay with that. Seriously. It’s just that there is a little longing, a little heartache to it for some reason. I know it’s an ego thing or a validation thing or just a… no, those are the two.

I know I have talked to many people I see sitting at the tables I see on TV right now. I know I am on a first name basis with some of them. I know that my podcast is respected and listened to by many of them and that is what I am known for. But I‘m a comic, a creator. I have a TV show. I want to be at the thing and be nominated for a thing but maybe my things just don’t cut it. Who knows? I know I do one thing real well. So, I’ll settle for a Peabody. Someone make that happen.

I’m thankful I can appreciate and feel good enough about myself and what I do to not be angry at show business anymore. It’s okay to live with a little heartache. It’s easier when you’ve found your thing and it works and no one can tell you how or what to do. So, I’m good.

Genius is an elusive thing. It is a word we all toss around but there are few real geniuses. Charlie Kaufman is one of them. A true creative genius with a fluidity of imagination that is really unrivaled. He is on the show today along with Duke Johnson, the co-director of Charlie's new film, Anomalisa. It is a rare, dark movie. I’ve never seen anything like. I was thrilled that he decided to come on the show. I’m glad Duke was there too. It was a great talk.

On Thursday I talk to Garrett Morris. He’s the first original Not Ready For Prime Time Player I’ve had in the garage (I had Lorraine Newman on a live one). It is a doozy of a talk. Loved it.


Boomer lives!