She wanted to see the bats.

I’m heading into the caves, People-

As I write this I’m a couple hours away from heading down into Carlsbad Caverns in Southern New Mexico. Jessica’s break fell on this week and she had been there when she was a kid and wanted to go back. I figured it would be a nice trip and drive and I could go back to the home state, which is beautiful. I’m not sure I ever made it into the caverns even though I grew up in the state and actually set out to see them twice.

The first time I almost made it there I was sent home from a class trip when I was caught with Patty Ryan’s boobs in my hands because Nick Kaplan ratted me out. Yeah, I remember that. Yeah, I’m using Nick’s full name. He couldn’t just let things be. He had to go tell the chaperone that I had a girl in my room. I don’t feel like revenge is necessary and quite honestly is was an 8th grade trip but I just want him to know that I remember.

The second time I tried to go to the caverns was much later, after college, with a girl who thought it would be cool. We were dating at the time and she had come out from Boston to New Mexico for a bit and we drove my Mom’s station wagon down there and fought most of the way. The car broke down when we got down there and we had to rent a car in Carlsbad - a Delta 88 - and cruised around in that.

Wait, we did go. We were in the caverns. I just remembered that as I am writing this. All I remembered before that last sentence was that big green car, drinking in a cheap hotel and fighting, but right now I’m getting flashbacks from the actual caves. She wanted to see the bats.

All I could remember was the cave of insanity that was the hotel room and I had repressed the actual cavern. I still don’t remember it that well. I’m glad we’re going back.

Dick Van Dyke is on the show Monday and I had a great time talking to him. I went to his house and he couldn’t have been more welcoming. Great guy. Really on his toes, too. He’s 87. On Thursday I talk to E of Eels in the garage. He’s a deep dude with some real stuff inside. He lays a couple of songs down, too.


Boomer lives!