Out doing the shows.

It’s growing back, folks.

My face is almost, once again, properly hidden by hair. Actually, it’s very covered. I will have to trim and carve out the configuration that has been established over the last few years. I kind of want to rock the full beard for a while though because I’ve put on a few pounds of road weight and maybe I can do the burly bear look for a while. Well, not that much weight. I’d be a slightly emaciated bear but a slightly chubby bearded me. We’ll see.

I’ve been out doing the shows on the tour. They are going very well. It is interesting to me to feel how it goes venue to venue and what makes one feel different than the other. Like I said, they are all going well but some are kind of magic and it’s hard to tell whether it’s me on a given night for whatever reason or the venue or the audience. It's probably some mixture of the three.

The best thing that can happen from where I am standing on stage is something that’s never happened before and probably won't happen again. I like to improvise and reach a level of stream of consciousness that is completely without obstacles I put there or the audience puts there (although that is really my projection, usually). It’s a comfort thing. Honestly, I can’t always get a crowd of 1000 or so people to come into the type of intimacy I really love to perform in. I can get them there 80 percent of the time but the other 20 I have to fight a little and push. I know that’s part of the gig and I’m not sure the audience would know that I am going through these deliberations unless I mention it, which I do sometimes. It’s probably all on me, right? There are no bad audiences. Hah. What a bullshit line that is. I’ve been lucky there haven’t been any bad ones on this tour! Some are a little more amped than others and some have intense expectations but none have been bad---quite the opposite. Some of the venues have been a little challenging sound-wise but we transcended. I really appreciate you all coming out for the shows! Madison was magic, Pittsburgh was haunted and magic and Detroit I had to rock hard. Writing this from Toronto. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Today I talk to my old friend Kevin Pollak for a bit about his new documentary, ‘Misery Loves Comedy’ which I am in. I wouldn’t talk to him otherwise and that’s why he put me in. Kidding. I would talk to him even if he didn’t put me in solely so I would talk to him. Also, the lovely Rose Byrne hangs out for a while to talk about acting and Australia. On Thursday the guitar virtuoso Blake Mills give me a lesson and talks music for a while. Wizard. For. Sure.


Boomer lives!