All meated up.

Howdy, Folks!

I’m in Texas. I’m all meated up.

I have a growing love for this state the more I come back. I grew up with a Texas aversion because I lived in New Mexico and there was some kind of unspoken tension. It’s all going away. The more time I spend here the more I appreciate the terrain and the people. There is nothing like the country of Texas.

The Moontower Comedy Festival show at the Paramount was amazing. Filled it up. The crowd was great. I did a nice, long, weird set. Felt good. I was also working on a belly filled with Opies BBQ. I went out there during the day with some comics. We had a full clown car going out there with me and Kurt Metzger and Todd Barry and Nate Bargatze. It a blast. I’ve said this before but the greatest thing about being a comic is hanging out with other comics. To be around people who are professionally funny and can’t help but be funny and brilliant is the best. The following night I had dinner with Blaine Capatch and Dana Gould. Again. Hilarious. It’s always great to spend time with friends you’ve known for decades but don’t get to see that much. I also caught Maria Bamford’s show. I hadn’t seen her stretch out for while. It was amazing. I can’t always sit through an hour of comedy but I didn’t want to get up AND I had to pee. That’s a great show. She is by far the best and most interesting standup performer out there. It was a real pleasure to watch her, except it makes me want to stop. She’s that good.

I’m adding dates to the Maronation Tour. Here they are. Tickets go on sale later this week.
June 5th - Cleveland at the Playhouse Square
June 6th - Chicago at the Vic Theatre
June 7th - Minneapolis, The Pantages
June 25th - Port Chester, NY at The Capitol Theatre
June 26th - The BAM Opera House in Brooklyn
June 27th - Huntington, NY, The Paramount Theatre
June 28th - Red Bank, New Jersey at the Count Basie Theater
July 10th and 11th - Portland, Oregon, the Aladdin Theatre and Revolution Hall, respectively
July 24th - Boulder, Colorado at the Boulder Theatre
July 25th - Denver, Colorado at the Paramount Theatre
I’ll keep you informed about ticket sales!

Today on the show I talk to Zach Woods. He is a brilliant comedic actor and improviser that you may know from The Office or Silicon Valley. Amazing talent.On Thursday you’ll her the conversation I had with the inimitable painter, Robert Williams, in the office of the Gallery at the Barnsdall Art Park where a retrospective of his work was hanging. Great talks this week.


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