One ended with puke and transcendence.

Okay, People-

I’ve got an amazing week of shows for you but first a couple of reminders. I will be doing a workshop show at The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 17th at 8pm. Come if you can. Be part of the struggle. Also, this Friday and Saturday I will be at Zanies in Nashville, July 20th and 21st. Come if you are in the area. I’m looking forward to going back to Nashville!

So, I just watched the season premiere of Breaking Bad and I am in full speculation mode. I’m working the angles and crunching the numbers trying to figure out where it's heading. I am fucking thrilled it is back. In the middle of the episode my lovely little cat LaFonda came into the middle of the room a puked. It seemed to surprise her more than it surprised me. She actually tried to run away from her own vomiting. As sad as the moment was it was a bit hilarious that my cat experienced some feline version of embarrassment. I had to pause the show and follow her into the bedroom where I am sure she was crouching and ashamed. It was so sweet. I hung out with her until she felt that I understood and wasn’t judging her and she seemed fine. There was closure. I went back to the show and watched it until the end. There was no closure. I just wanted to share the divergent narratives of my evening with you. One ended with puke and transcendence the other... I’m no spoiler.

The shows this week happened very spontaneously. I knew Fiona Apple was a fan of my show. She emailed about a year ago and told me so. We went back and forth a bit and occasionally corresponded. A while back, I had recommended that she do a Paul McCartney song called ‘Let Me Roll It.' As it turns out she played it the last time she was on Jimmy Fallon for Sir Paul’s birthday. She texted me to tell me that she was doing it. I felt like I was secretly part of something amazing. I also jumped on the moment to ask her to do the show. For some reason I knew it would only happen if it was impulsive and she was over here the next day. It was the first time we met and talked in person. It’s really a great talk and it was an honor to talk to her. The other spontaneous interview, which is Thursday’s show, was with John Oliver. I love John. He is a decent dude and fucking hilarious. I have a lot of respect for him. The few times we have talked it’s always been a blast. He was in town for like three days and the only time we could pull it together was at 7:30 am. It was definitely my earliest interview but I think neither of us had put on our full armor for the day and we had an awesome chat. I’m only saying chat because he’s British.

Enjoy the week.