July 30th we will be airing the 300th episode.

Hey, People-

On July 30th we will be airing the 300th episode of the show. So this week we are ramping up to it. On Monday we will air Episode 299, a live show taped at The Trepany House featuring Rory Scovel, Ron Funches, Brent Weinbach, Retta and of course Eddie Pepitone and Jim Earl. This was a great show. I hope you dig it.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Starting on Wednesday we will air some milestone episodes of the show leading up to the 300th episode next Monday.

Wednesday we will re-air the very first episode of WTF. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning may have heard it but it will be new to a lot of people. It was a different show then. My producer and I had just been fired by Air America. They let us stay in our offices through the end of our contract and didn’t take away our security cards. Which was stupid on their part but life-changing for us. We decided to do a podcast. We would basically break into the studios and bring guests up the freight elevator. The night tech was a friend and he watched our backs. We had no idea what the show would be or how to actually even post it but we knew one thing. We would do one every Monday and Thursday come hell or high water. We have honored that. It was not the show you hear now. I was a different person in many ways. I was desperate, broke-ish and without work. We had no idea what the structure of the show would be. We were feeling it out.

On Thursday we will re-air the 100th episode. This was a show that we did with you and for you, the fans. It was a major milestone and we were celebrating.

On Friday we will re-air the 200th episode. To somehow honor the many requests I got from listeners to interview myself, which I thought would be odd, I asked Mike Birbiglia to guest host and interview me. Mike and I had a tense relationship for years, mostly on my end. We became closer when he was a guest on WTF back in the first year. We were on good terms by the time the 200th rolled around but he didn’t go easy on me in the interview. He was thorough and I was not sure where he would take it. There were some uncomfortable moments for me. He did a great job.

So, enjoy the live one and the lead up to 300.