New Information Has Been Revealed.

Good day, People.

Quick reminder for people of certain parts of the Midwest: I will be at The Mission Creek Festival at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, IA on April 8th, The Rococo Theatre in Lincoln, NE on April 9th and at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland in Kansas City, MO on April 10th. Come if the spirit moves you or if you just want to see me.

Buzz update. As some of you know I am obsessed with a minor problem that is getting larger. There is now a multinational corporation involved and it may turn into a real David and Goliath story with me being David. There isn’t that much at stake, just my ability to comfortably listen to records, but there is a fight for some justice possible. We’ll see.

New information has been revealed. I did some troubleshooting. I brought my receiver down the hall to this guy Brian’s office and plugged it in. No noise. We brought his amp down to my office, plugged it in, noise. Yes! It must be the wiring in my office, right? Nope. Tried plugging it into all the outlets, some on different lines, noise. Then I hooked up to extension cord, plugged it in down the hall, put headphones on and listened while I walked around. As soon as I stepped out of the office, there was no noise. Is my office cursed? A holistic healer did occupy it before me. Then the electrician who came by to help gave me some new info. I knew there was an AT&T antenna on top of the building. I just assumed that it was for the building’s wi-fi. I also knew there’s a closet-sized room in the hallway that can only be opened with a security card and says ‘Keep Out’ on it. Never quite put it all together. It’s an old building. It was always kind of mysterious. Then I found out that AT&T leases space inside the building and on top of the building for A FUCKING CELL TOWER and all of the equipment that runs the tower on the corner of the building is housed in a fake brick structure directly above my office! I am being pummeled and drowned in GSM-style RFs. They are worst kind for trying to enjoy your stereo equipment. So, It’s going to be me and AT&T trying to find an understanding that will enable me to work in my office the way I want---listening to records AND using AT&T Wi-Fi. Fortunately, the landlady doesn’t really want the antenna up there anymore. It was there before she took over the building. I was informed by one of you that I could file a complaint with the FCC because the big corps aren’t really allowed to interfere with the little guy's life. Again, not a toxic situation but I’d like to get it resolved.

I talk to Todd Rundgren for a long time today because I wanted him to tell me why he is amazing and he was willing. On Thursday I will talk to Al Lubel about his strange, sad journey through life and comedy. Good times!


Boomer lives!