My fears of drunkies were abated, a bit.

Okay, Friends-

I’ll be at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal this week. I’m doing a solo show on Saturday 7/26 and I’m sure I’ll be doing some other sets around the fest. Check their website for details if you can find them.

Say farewell to the comments section at I know most of you didn’t really post there. It wasn’t really a community or fun in any way. It was like ten trolls, a couple of assholes and a few people that enjoyed the show. So, enough. You will be able to post through Facebook, however that works, and at the very least the anonymity element of being a douchebag is gone. Lets see who reveals themselves.

I want to really thank The Comedy Works in Denver for some great shows this past weekend. It is one of the best true comedy clubs in the country. There aren’t that many. The crowds that came out were awesome. My fears of drunkies were abated, a bit. I still stand by what I said and that is that Denver is one of the drunkiest cities I’ve worked in. I know that some folks took umbrage with that but maybe I wasn’t talking about you and it doesn’t make it untrue just because of your civic pride. Everyone was pretty well behaved. A woman did puke and had to be removed from the early show Friday. The EARLY show. Drunky. For your information, that has never happened to me before, anywhere. No biggie. I didn’t even realize it was happening. Even the Bachelorette party at the second show Saturday was tolerable. I had to pummel them a bit out of the gate to set the tone of what I would and wouldn’t tolerate but after that it was okay. The mother of the bride had to be removed from the show for being a drunken loudmouth but the 8 women were fairly well behaved.

I can’t tell you the strange anger that comes over me and I imagine other comics when they see a bachelorette party being seated. To me it means I will have to babysit a bunch of rude buzzed women as they try to make the show all about them. Usually they aren’t there to see any comic in particular. They're just there ‘wooo.' It’s awful. I have no idea who set that tradition in motion or why it persists. My issue with it is, and this is one of the reasons why comics will avoid comedy clubs if they can, it can ruin the show for fans that came to see me. Look, I can manage myself better than most on stage and I won’t take any shit or let someone ruin the show entirely but it will be a different show. I will be defensive and in fight mode. I’m not saying that won’t be entertaining but it will be hands on, somewhat hostile and very unpredictable. That being said, I’m a pro and it was a very engaging and amazing show. They wanted me to abuse the bride. Done. Overdone, even, and it was spontaneous and awesome. I enjoyed every minute of it and I believe the crowd did as well. And that’s why comedy clubs are great. I forget. It is kind of part of the job and it is fucking exciting.

I was being bitchy about maybe not coming back to the club because I want my fans to have a good time. I thought maybe next time I should do one night at small theater. I won’t do that. I will go back to the Comedy Works for as long as they will have me because sometimes you just have to get down in trenches and do the dirty job of standup at a real comedy club. It’s what I do.

On Monday I have a long conversation with Leonard Maltin about how he became Leonard Maltin. I enjoyed it. He’s the ultimate movie nerd. On Thursday Denny Tedesco talks to me about his epic journey to complete a documentary called ‘The Wrecking Crew.' It’s about his father Tommy and the crew of studio musicians that played on some of the biggest records ever, made them hits and went unrecognized. It was a great talk.


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