A morning walk with Dave Attell.

Hey, Folks-

The anxiety is unbearable sometimes.

I have no idea when it got so out of hand but it is out of hand. I used to be able to at least wrangle my thoughts into a pen and realize I have no control over most of what will happen. Clearly the fence needs some repair because I am out of my mind. I’m just sitting here thinking about things that I have NO control over, none, and losing it.

I’m in Montreal. I just want to get out of Montreal. I’m sure I will. I had a fine time here. The shows were fine. The solo show was great. If you came out, thank you. It got weird but weird can be fine and fun.

Now, I’m here, exhausted, checking the weather and completely obsessed that my flight will be delayed or canceled. I am beating myself up for not taking the first flight out which would have been a nightmare but it’s what I usually do. So, the combination of obsessing about the weather and beating the shit out of myself for not doing something is exhausting me and it is ridiculous and I’m tired of it.

Okay, right now, before your very eyes, I’m going to let it go. As I write this I am realizing and deciding that the weather is out of my control and beating the shit out of myself is completely in my control. I’m letting go of the weather and putting down the bat. Things will work out the way they will work out and I did what I did. That’s that.

The highlight of the festival for me was taking a morning walk with Dave Attell. It wasn’t like an old guy exercise walk. It was just coincidental. I’ve known Attell for years but I rarely see him. If I do see him we talk for maybe five minutes. We had just done the new Opie and Jim Norton show live. It was ridiculous. It was nine in the morning. It was me, Judy Gold, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Nick DiPaolo, Ari Shaffir, Jim Jeffries and Attell sitting on couches in front of a live audience and no one was getting laughs until Pete Holmes showed up and everyone piled on him a bit. Good radio, poor Pete. Happens. After the show Attell wanted to get some food so we walked for about 45 mins up to Schwartz’s. We caught up and I guess were good for a year now.

I’ve had smoked meat. Attell had not. It was 11 in the morning. He was hoping for breakfast. Basically all they have is the smoked meat. Let me rephrase--the smoked meat is all you should get at Schwartz's. Attell wanted to get the turkey. The guy behind the counter told him not to get the turkey and to get the smoked meat. Attell was trying to be healthy. The guy knew the turkey was just packaged turkey and the smoked meat was really the only thing to get but Attell didn’t realize he wasn’t at a deli. It was a smoked meat dealer, that’s it. The guy relented, served Dave half-and-half, turkey and smoked meat. He set the sandwich down in front of Dave and said, “This is a first. In 86 years this has never been done.” They had never served a half turkey, half smoked meat sandwich in the history of Schwartz’s according to this guy who had been there for over 30 years. I guess what I am saying is that I was happy to be there for this historical moment in Canadian Judaism. I hope they make a note in the records.

Exciting Monday. I will post my lengthy conversation with Mike Myers. He doesn’t talk publicly much so it was a big deal. It was great talk, actually. Lots of great history and stories. On Thursday I have an amazing chat with comedian Adam Ferrara about family, dads and a bit of car talk. Good week.


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