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I’m Such a Damn Fanboy.

Hola, People!

First things first. I will be in Nashville this week Thursday through Saturday at Zanies Comedy Club. I’m looking forward to being there and working on some new stuff. I’ll try not to hurt myself too bad with food. I will be up in Montreal at the Just For Laughs Festival doing shows. I have no idea what my schedule is. Go to their site to find out. I will be in Chicago at the Mayne Stage Theater August 1st through 4th. I love that place. I love that city. Come out if you are in the area.

I’m flying back from Seattle as I write this. I was there for the Subpop Silver Jubilee celebration of the label’s 25th anniversary. I actually had an amazing time. I did a show with Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, Kurt Braunholer, Kyle Dunnigan, Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser. It was amazing. I have to say that few people make me laugh as much as Benjamin and Glaser. There was an Uber car ride we took that may have been the most I’ve laughed in 20 years.

The next day was an all-day music clusterfuck that was phenomenal. I got to see and hang out with Mudhoney, J Mascis, Brett from Built to Spill, King Tuff, Father John Misty and a bunch of other rock folk. I’m still such a damn fanboy when I get around musicians. It’s an effort to act normal. Everyone put on a good show but Mascis went up there with just his acoustic and blew the place up. It was astounding.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Seattle over the years but never went out to visit Hendrix’s grave in Renton. I’m not a big grave visitor but I had a day and some comic put it in my head that I should head out there. So, I tracked my friend Nathan down and we drove out. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I got it in my mind that it would be important and magical. It was something. I’m not sure it was those things. I did leave a gold Boomer button on the grave so there’s that. I will talk about it on the show this week.

On Monday I get a rap education and a great talk with Mike Eagle. Thursday is a live WTF I did in Boston with Sue Costello, Dan Crohn, Rick Jenkins, George McDonald, Teddy Bergeron and DJ Hazard. DJ was one of the first comics I remember seeing live as an adult. George hosted one of the first open mics I ever did. Teddy Bergeron is a legend. There's some amazing stuff in this show.


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Frank von Winkhorst July 18, 2013 at 2:09 pm

I always say “for all intensive purposes”!

David Prokopy July 18, 2013 at 10:28 pm

You were spot-on about your assessment of Hendrix’s grave. I don’t know how much you know about the story behind that audacious “alter” that’s there now, but it wasn’t always there. Not too long ago, Jimi’s grave was marked only with a very simple, flat marker that was out in the middle of an open field and was VERY difficult to find unless you knew precisely where to look for it. There was something cool and “insider” about it. Then his estate got it in their head that they wanted something more “suitable” and built the eyesore that’s there today - and MOVED HIS BODY to do so. Such disrespect.

Anyway, I’ve been giving the same rant about it that you gave the other night for ages now. Nice to hear I’m not alone. Thanks for that, and for an overall wonderful set. Your Eugene Mirman impression still has me giggling!