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WTF - Mike Eagle has a BA in Psychiatry because of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

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Q Hall July 16, 2013 at 9:36 pm

I’m just going to fucking go off. I waited and listened to the whole thing, and, yes, in its entirety this is a great episode and Mike Eagle’s coverage and discussion of alternative music in the nineties is really interesting, but the first 20 minutes or whatever amount of time you dedicated every episode to bitching and moaning selling shit just really fucked pissed me off. And now here I am, having listened to the whole thing, like 50 minutes (I’m not actually going to do the math, people, fuck off) from the point being pissed off and it’s still fucking agitating me.
Quit being such a being such a bleeding heart liberal cliche. You’re just a bad and ignorant and racist as the fundamentalist, conservative gun-totters you complain about. Except while their racism antagonize minorities, you fucking victimize them. Zimmerman was a fucking Latino! This is NOT white man getting off for killing a black youth. This is Florida has really fucked up gun carry laws due to the Koch brothers using bull-shit pseudo-legal political shadow groups like the ALEC to dissolve government, instill distrust and paranoia amongst the populace, and in turn destroy the communal negotiations and sharing need for healthy democracy and achieve their desire state of Oligarchy.

Look, you’d have to be a fucking idiot to fully believe Zimmerman is scott-free innocent, but it is hard, when you look at all the facts, when it is super unclear, even to Trayvon’s father, who was yelling for help on that phone call, to be so fucking smug and confident that Zimmerman is guilty. NPR’s Scott Neuman did an interview with Benjamin Jealous where he, Mr. Jealous, acknowledged that as terrible and stupid and tragic as the whole event has been, the prosecution was not able to remove all reasonable doubt that Zimmerman found him self in a situation that, under Florida law, would allow for self-defense. Now, Mr. Jealous stipulated this and I agree, was Zimmerman a fucking power-prick for getting out of his car and agitating the situation? YES! But there is reason to suspect he may (it’s fucking unclear) have lost control of the situation and found himself in the defensive. And that goes back to Florida having really really fucked up gun-carry laws.
Quit chalking problems up to something as intangible as racism especially in this situation where it doesn’t even apply. Quit dis-empowering people by labeling them as victims that just have to take the world’s shit and can’t do anything about. Black people are people, you racist fuck. And for the time being, since the Supreme Court total fucked over the Voter’s Rights Act and true dis-empowerment will come into effect soon if action is not taken, black people and latino people and white people and asian people can vote and take this country back from rich-fucks like the Kochs, whom are trying to buy it. I know that sounds like a crazy person rant, but I’m dead fucking serious. This two assholes plan long, long term. Like the Tea Party was something they developed over a 30 year period. They fund (and by fund I mean like billions) think-tanks and lobbyist all aimed at a very measured, very fine-tuned, very patient initiative to destroy democracy. Seriously, Florida’s Stand-Your-Ground law is derived from legislation prepared and developed by ALEC, whom’s leading backers are the Kochs.

Last thing. Fucking get Chance the Rapper on here. Shit man I can’t even believe I have to say that. If you actually concern for understanding the genocide of black youth in Chicago, then this guy fucking knows. Eagle was nice to talk to, but his verses pale in comparison the fucking tapestry of words Chance is able to weave.

Fucking get knowledge, man. Just ignorant.

(Love the show. Sorry to be such a dick.)

ThatMBAFromDetroit July 21, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Where to start…ok, how about you not say or type the vilest, rudest, most insulting things you can while prefacing and suffixing them with hipsterisms meant to assuage rightful anger and hurt?  My bad.

Or you can start by learning the meanings of words like racism then maybe you won’t undermine your whole specious argument with sentences about the intangibility of racism or that it doesn’t apply to the Zimmerman trial (many minorities aspire to assimilation by aligning themselves with Whites against the universal object of American racism: Blacks). 

You could also use a good university education so that you can display some depth of knowledge on a subject (including history, contributing factors, etc.) and not just spew superficial facts to be able to formulate a cogent, focused dissent.  A semester of community college, and listening to some non-GED-holding rapper spew ill-spoken nonsense does not make you smart, nor show you’re ‘down with Blacks’. 

Lastly, you could probably stand to return to your doctor and get back on your meds because those who can read will easily recognize the modicum of knowledge you think you’re displaying by name-dropping some recent HuffPo headlines as one of the first true signs of a paranoid schizophrenic.