How about a hand for the old guys?

Okay, let’s get into it here, people-

I have not been to Oklahoma City for more than a drive-through ever but this Saturday I will be there for a show and if you live in the area you should come down. I will be at the City Arts Center at 7PM. Get your tickets now. I may add another show depending on how sales go but it seems likely.

Well, I am feeling old and disgusting. If I don’t start going to the gym as opposed to just thinking about going I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I don’t feel 48 but I am 48. I imagine if I had kids I would be more aware of myself aging but I don’t. I can’t watch them grow. I can only tell from photos of myself and recently I have been noticing an older man in the pictures. He looks like an older version of me. It is not the same guy I see in the mirror so I either have to question all cameras' ability to capture me honestly or just start looking at myself differently in the mirror. I can also just deny it’s happening but that would be ridiculous. I’m okay with it. Seriously. As long as my organs keep working and my brain stays relatively sharp I think I’ll be okay. I’m dating a younger women so that will either keep me young or kill me. More will be revealed. I didn’t plan on her. It just happened and I’m going with it. Okay?

In all honesty I have never done better work in my life. I finally feel like I have arrived in my skin and have little fear around expressing myself. It’s strange to me. I think this is the natural progression of things. Why wouldn’t I be doing my best work? I’ve spent years getting here. This culture puts so much emphasis on being young, looking young and appealing to young people that you forget older people have years of craft and wisdom to bring to the table. I think as long as older artists aren’t whining about being old and/or desperately trying to be young there’s probably some great work being done. I am not necessarily talking about me but I am talking about my guests this week.

Nick Lowe is arguably at the top of his game and he is 62 years old. He was a pop sweetheart back in the day and has written some great songs but now he is a bonafide Troubadour. I saw him perform with just his guitar, an open heart and nothing to hide as performer and it was spectacular. We talk about his life in music and he dishes a bit about Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash AND he sings a couple of songs. It is a unique episode. Not your regular WTF. On Thursday Bill Maher is on the show. I went to his home and sat down with him for about an hour. He’s not what I would call an elder statesman but he is definitely in his prime at 56 and at the top of his game.

So, how about a hand for the old guys! Enjoy!