Cowboy hats, guns, Republicans and Austin.

Howdy, Partners (Sorry, I’m in Texas) -

I’m sitting here naked in a hotel room in San Antonio writing this. I am feeling bad about dumping a massive Chicken Fried Steak into my system at 1am. Rough morning. I can’t erase the past. I guess I’ll have to live with it. Hopefully I will be headed to the Tejano Conjunto Festival in a bit and maybe I’ll lay down a podcast somehow. I love that music. I remember when I was growing up in New Mexico there was always an AM station playing what seemed to be one long Mexican song that involved accordion, horns and a polka beat. It was consistent, reliable, always there to stop the dial on for a quick burst of Latino excitement. I am also thinking about going to the Alamo because I really have no sense of the history of Texas (or much of anything other than me for that matter). I just judge it. Many of those judgments are solid but there is certainly an authenticity to this state. It is what it is. Cowboy hats, guns, Republicans and Austin. Austin is so close but seems so far away. Thanks for making the trip btw, all you Austinites. Austinians? I dunno, but thanks. Also, thanks to all of you that made the drive from Houston. That is a haul. I hope you had fun.

This week we get back to some less emotional casts but provocative nonetheless. Steve Byrne finally decided to share his side of the Dane Cook essence-stealing debacle. It took a while for him to come to the decision to set the record straight from his side. For those of you who didn’t listen to the Dane Cook episode, Dane accused Steve of stealing his ‘essence’ early on in their careers. Aside from this fiery tidbit, Steve is a great comic with an interesting life and story to tell. Hope you dig it. Phil Rosenthal is also on the show this week. The co-creator of Everybody Loves Raymond talks about his documentary, Exporting Raymond. Phil went to Russia to help the Russians produce a pilot for their version of his show. It is a compelling and hilarious documentary and a great story. Phil can be a little annoying but that comes with the territory.

Looking forward to being home at the Cat Ranch for a bit. I’m going to get into the writing. I have a book to make and a speech to give. More on that later.



P.S. Cat Negotiations shirts are flying of the racks or out of the boxes or off the shelves…whatever it is, people dig them. I’m glad.