Cut Back on the Sugar.

What’s up, Folks?

You okay?

I’m okay.

I really want to thank you all for the amazing feedback on GLOW. It’s across the board amazing. So many of you love the show and what it is about and how it feels and my performance and the performances of everyone involved. It feels good. I’m proud of it. I know I wasn’t completely candid about how much I was involved in the show but I think that was a good call. It was nice surprise for people who know me to see that the part was much bigger than I implied. I’d like to think I did it on purpose but it probably came out of my own insecurity and fear. I didn’t want to oversell it or talk about my performance. I watched the entire series and I found myself moved and entertained by all of it. I had not seen most of it. I got choked up, laughed and found myself totally engaged as if I had nothing to do with it. It was a cool experience. I feel like I did a good job but I’m excited to get back into it and work even deeper into the acting. I hope we get another season.

So, I promised myself I would take it easy this summer. It’s been a long slog for what seems like years and I just want some time to think and feel and have a life. I’m trying to eat right and exercise more regularly and balance out life with all the information shrapnel raining down daily from the explosive administration in charge. It’s hard to get space. I don’t do drugs or have a deep spiritual life. I have been doing work around the house. Getting organized. Running. I find if I get up, caffeinate, stretch and hit the hills with a loaded play list of Verve, Black Angels and Spiritualized I can find some space, relief. I have to stay on top of my diet and activity. I got some blood tests back. It’s all pretty good. Cholesterol is under control and all the other stuff is good except for this one test. Apparently, I need to cut back on the sugar and carbs so I don’t get diabetes. What? I don’t eat that much sugar. Wait, does a couple of pineapples a week count as sugar? Does Wasa crackers slathered with Almond butter and honey count as sugar and carbs? I’m just glad I have good insurance through my union so I can be on top of this stuff. I’ve been through years with no coverage, not really able to afford COBRA or private insurance. It’s scary as you get older. A lot of people are about to be abandoned by the government and many left to live a compromised life and possibly die without insurance. Even if you have good coverage it would be decent to call your senators and tell them that it’s un-American to let Americans die for greed. Yeah, let them know.

I’m in the middle of a ten-episode documentary about Vietnam by Ken Burns which will come out in September. There’s so much I didn’t know. It’s devastating. I’m hoping to talk to him. So much of what we are dealing with culturally now was born in that era, through that conflict.

Great talks this week! Today I talk to Jenji Kohan about her entire career and about GLOW (I needed to know the story behind my casting). On Thursday, I talk to Jason Mantsoukas most about music, strangely. Great talks.


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