Happy 4th, People!

Some pointers:

Don’t set yourself on fire either by lighting a massive firework or misunderstanding your grill.

Don’t lose any digits mistiming your M-80 lob.

Watch the meat.

Don’t drink yourself into a blackout. 

Don’t lose your shit on your kids, parents, friends, neighbors, pets, spouse, or meat.

Don’t make a side dish you’ve never made before because the recipe looks interesting. Stick with what you know instead of spending the day asking guests at the party if they liked a disaster. 

Limit celebratory gun play. Remember if you shoot into the air that bullet will come down somewhere.

Go easy on mixing alcohol with drugs, guns, swimming and recreational vehicle use. 

Stay away from political talk with people who aren’t like-minded. Why fuck up your day? 

Think about what America means to you and what you can do to make it better. 


This Fourth there will be people celebrating the America we are living now and some terrified and angry about it. Fortunately, food works for celebration and sadness. Enjoy the people that are in your life. Do something nice for someone you love and for someone you hate. Remember, this country is all of ours---for now. Let’s try to keep that way. United. Even though we have a leader who is dead set against that.

Today I will be continuing my GLOW-themed shows by talking to Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Kia Stevens. Chavo is from a dynasty of wrestlers and is a legend in the game. He was the trainer on set and trained all the actresses for the show. Kia is the only member of the cast that is an actual wrestler. Some of you may know her in the ring as Awesome Kong and Kharma, or you know her on GLOW as Tamee, aka Welfare Queen. These aren’t promotional interviews. They are conversations about a world of entertainment that is unique and culturally relevant. Especially now when our president is one of the greatest heels of all time. It is also a launching pad to other creative ambitions which Kia and I talk about. It’s not an easy life but to people who love it, it's totally worth it.

On Thursday, I talk to film director Jeff Baena about his new film, ‘The Little Hours.’ He co-wrote ‘I Heart Huckabees’ with David O. Russell and wrote and directed ‘Joshy’ which is a great little movie. He’s sharp.

Great talks all around!


Boomer lives!