Bonjour, Folks!

Sorry. I was in Montreal. It felt appropriate. That’s the limit of my French as well. Impressive, huh?

I’m actually en route to Toronto as I write this. I’m on a huge plane. 777. I don’t think I’ve been on one. It seems like a good machine. Smooth flight. Spacious. I’m looking out over the Canadian expanse. It’s pretty up in Canada. Quiet. I used to think it was too quiet, maybe even a little dull. I have to be honest though. After the last few months in the States it was real relief to be out even if it was just for a few days. I felt the difference immediately upon crossing over the border. I’ve never felt that before. I’ve never felt relieved to leave America. The amount of instability, panic, anger, sadness and chaos that is permeating the culture and country has made it very scary. I needed the brief reprieve. All those things have infused northward but it’s different. There’s a bit of distance and a different order up here. I liked the calm.

The shows have been great. I want to thanks all the folks who came out to the Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut. It was a sweet show. Nice venue. It was an old school so it had that school auditorium feel to it. It has been around a while so I imagined there were plenty of audiences in that space over the years that were there because they had to be there. Assemblies, high school musicals, a history of bored students and supportive parents. Maybe some show biz dreams were born on that stage. I project though. Sometimes good, sometimes real bad.

After the show the women who runs the place said there were some people outside that said they were with me on a teen tour. I couldn’t believe it. I went on a Baron Teen Tour probably almost 40 years ago now but I remember a few of the guys on the bus with me. We played poker compulsively and I would always lose and I always wondered if they were playing me with a hustle they were working, a team cheat. I was in deep. I had to wire my aunt for cash to feed the sickness. Sure enough one of the guys that came back was one of those guys. They were there with wives. Middle-aged now. It was great to see them. I was happy I remembered them. It’s odd what your brain holds onto. I liked them but I had to ask if they cheated. He said no way. He said I was just a bad poker player with shitty luck. I believed him. That adds up. It’s still true. That’s why I don’t gamble. I’m a bad bluffer.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire was an amazing show as well. The Music Hall is a beautiful historic venue. I loved going back to New England. Had some fried scallops and haddock. It’s not what I’m supposed to be eating but I had to. I really like New England people. They are their own thing. Rough but real. My old friend Jim came down and hung out and the next day me, Jim and Ryan Singer drove up to Montreal. It’s important to spend time with old friends and remember who you were and realize who you are and be grateful for what you have and connect.

Great talk today with SCTV alum Eugene Levy. I loved hearing the stories about the Canadian comedy world that birthed so many amazing funny people. On Thursday I talk to Fred Melamed. Look him up. You’ll know him. Great actor and an interesting guy.


Boomer lives!