Check In.

How are you, People?

I have been doing the big traveling. I was out east last week for New Hampshire, Connecticut, Montreal and Toronto and then went home for three days and turned around and came back for New Haven, Troy and Burlington. I need to go home sometimes. Check in. Remind the cats who's using the house they own. Play some guitar. Cook a meal. Get mad about something wrong with the house. Drive my car around. Then, I turn around and go back out. It’s a lot flying but sometimes you just have to go home for a minute so you don’t start feeling lost, untethered.

Sarah came with me on this trip and it’s been pretty great. Only one dumb fight over nothing! Well, it wasn’t over nothing. It’s the old "Is That Joke About Me, Because If It Is It’s Not Based In Reality" thing. So, it was a negotiation and we worked it out. The joke was not about her and I make that clear now. See, I’m being an adult capable of compromise. These things can happen when you talk about yourself or use your life for your creative thing. It was not a deal breaker but I did pout and make the evening miserable.

New Haven was exactly what it is and I believe has been forever. The city where Yale is. The Ivy league fortress is nestled into the middle of what I believe is a pretty rough city at times. We were staying almost on the campus and it was nice. There was a time where all I wanted to do was go to that school. I even had a truly embarrassing audition for Yale Drama School. I think I’ve talked about it on the show before. We went to the Yale Art Gallery and it was amazing. It has one the best collections of modern art I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to a lot of museums in my life. I thought I had seen most of the modern art made by the big modern art people but nope. They had Picassos, Kandinskys, Rothkos and more. Early stuff. Shit I had not seen. I don’t even like Kandinsky but these were old ones and I think I finally got it. You have to go give art some attention. Check in with the portals to the other planes wrenched out of the brains of the creatively free. It’s important.

After the art gallery we went back to the hotel to have some coffee in the lobby bar and I noticed a couple sitting across from us. I thought I recognized the man. Then I noticed the woman he was sitting across from was Meryl Streep. I knew the guy from being the guy that is always next to Meryl Streep at events and award things. It was kind of amazing to see her just sitting there talking to him and eating bread and some charcuterie. I didn’t want it to seem like I was staring so I just checked in occasionally. I saw her eat some food, drink some water and check her phone. I have to say she was brilliant. I mean, really committed to all of it and it seemed so natural. She is the best actress. Even in real life, so good.

Today I talk to Kevin Nealon who I have been putting off because I thought he had a problem with me. So, we talk about that, of course, and other stuff. On Thursday I talk to documentarian Louis Theroux about his new Scientology doc. Great guy. Great talk. Funny.


Boomer lives!