Tom Segura

Episode 881 - Laurie Metcalf / Tom Segura

Laurie Metcalf has never been through anything in her acting career like what she's going through now. After four decades of performances on stage and screen, she tells Marc why everything feels different with Lady Bird. They also talk about Laurie helping to found the Steppenwolf Theatre company, reviving Roseanne for 2018, and mastering the challenge of her role in Horace and Pete. Also, Tom Segura returns to the garage to talk about his new special and to sort out why his wife is dreaming about Marc. This episode is sponsored by Crashing on HBO and RXBAR.

Episode 417 - Tom Segura / YACHT

Comedian Tom Segura is at The Cat Ranch to compare notes with Marc on some of the best and worst aspects of being a touring comic. Tom also tells Marc what it’s like to be married to a standup comic and how they make it work. Also, the members of the band YACHT stop by the garage to unveil their new single, which features Marc Maron on guitar. This episode is sponsored by HuluPlus, LegalZoom and Adam & Eve.