Rachel Feinstein

Episode 747 - Rachel Feinstein

Comedian Rachel Feinstein has conquered one of the most difficult spaces in the comedy world: The back table at The Comedy Cellar in New York. You better be able to give as good as you get if you sit there. Rachel talks to Marc about her early years of living in squalor and having second thoughts about a comedy career, all while honing her craft and gaining the respect of her peers. This episode is sponsored by Joule from ChefStepsSkyn CondomsStamps.com and Squarespace

Episode 223 - Seth Meyers, Scott Adsit, Jodi Lennon, Julian McCullough, Gabe Liedman, Rachel Feinstein

Rachel Feinstein encounters bizarre fans on the road, Gabe Liedman finds comedy in coming out, Jullian McCullough gets compulsive over Ben and Jerry’s, Jodi Lennon stares down cancer, Scott Adsit brings his mom, and Seth Meyers gets one-upped by the President. Recorded live at The Bell House in Brooklyn. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com. Click the radio mic and enter WTF for a special offer.