Julie Klausner

Episode 306 - Julie Klausner

Fellow podcaster and author of “I Don’t Care About Your Band” Julie Klausner joins Marc in the garage for some heavy lifting on gender roles, psychotherapy, Jewish identity and bad relationships. There’s also some bonding over cats. Plus, Marc rediscovers his inner insult comic. This episode is sponsored by Go To My PC. Click on the Try It Free button and use WTF as the promo code.

Episode 217 - Amy Sedaris, Sam Seder, Julie Klausner, Mike Lawrence, Leo Allen

Leo Allen and Marc commiserate over bedbugs, Mike Lawrence wonders if he is Marc’s illegitimate child, Julie Klausner convinces Marc he’s not a faux-sensitive hipster, Sam Seder airs his list of grievances with Marc, and Amy Sedaris challenges Marc’s nerves. Recorded at The Bell House in Brooklyn. This episode is brought to you by Stamps.com. Click on the radio microphone and enter WTF to receive a bonus offer worth $110.