John Hodgman

Episode 782 - Joe DeRosa / John Hodgman & Jesse Thorn

Marc had prejudged comedian Joe DeRosa. He thought he was a Philly tough guy who wouldn't want to have anything to do with a guy like Marc. Now that they're friends and realize how similar they are, they can commiserate about the insecurities and doubt that plagued both of their careers. Also, John Hodgman and Jesse Thorn stop by to compare facial hair. This episode is sponsored by Hint WaterSquarespace, and Blue Apron.

Episode 354 - John Hodgman

The third time is the charm for John Hodgman after his two other WTF appearances vanished into the great beyond. This time John and Marc talk about growing up nerdy, the need for authentic experiences and John’s difficulty with calling himself a comic. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central and Click on the radio mic and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial with a $110 bonus offer.