Jake Fogelnest

Episode 815 - Jake Fogelnest / Ron Funches

Jake Fogelnest was a teenager with a public access show who was thrust into a high-profile MTV gig and before too long was in rehab for drug addiction. Now Jake's a successful writer and show runner but it all started out with him as a 10-year-old comedy fan going to the clubs of New York City to see people like Marc Maron. Plus, Ron Funches returns to the garage as he gets ready to head out on tour, ready to talk about losing some TV shows but also losing 140 pounds. This episode is sponsored by Audible, the new series I'm Dying Up Here on Showtime, and the Hanes FreshIQ ComfortBlend Modal Undershirt.

Episode 330 - TJ Miller, Moby, Aries Spears, Dave Hill, Jake Fogelnest, Mike Bobbitt, Jim Earl

It’s a killer Live WTF from Los Angeles unlike any other Live WTF, mostly because this one has Moby in it. Not to be upstaged by a Grammy winner, TJ Miller, Aries Spears, Dave Hill, Jake Fogelnest, Mike Bobbitt and Jim Earl bring the goods. And, as always, Marc brings the tension. This episode is sponsored by LegalZoom and Comedy Central.