Episode 733 - Werner Herzog / Godfrey

Werner Herzog is one of the only people who could make a great movie from inside Marc's garage. With a new documentary about the internet on his mind, the legendary filmmaker talks with Marc about the achievements and follies of humanity. You know, light stuff. Also, Godfrey stops by again so he and Marc can trade insults under the guise of promoting his new special. This episode is sponsored by Spotify Discover WeeklySquarespace, and Stamps.com.

Episode 326 - Live from Just For Laughs

Marc brings the Live WTF experience to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He’s joined by Godfrey, Chris D’elia, Glenn Wool, Nikki Glaser, Sean Cullen and Mike Wilmot for a night of awkward confrontations, physical altercations and homemade pie devastation. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com. Click on the radio mic and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial with a $110 bonus offer.