Brian Regan

Episode 640 - Nick DiPaolo / Brian Regan & Joe Bolster

Comedian Nick DiPaolo is a relentless button-pusher, which might be why Marc likes him so much despite all their differences. Marc and Nick reminisce about their early comedy days in Boston, as they both try to figure out whether they’ve changed all that much. Plus, one of Marc’s favorite comedians, Brian Regan, stops by to talk about his new special. He brings along comic Joe Bolster, who has a unique connection with Brian and Marc. This episode is sponsored by Chipotle, SimpliSafe, Audible, and Draft Kings.

Episode 290 - Brian Regan

Marc is quick to admit that Brian Regan is one of his favorite comedians. Brian joins Marc in the garage to talk about his beginnings, as well as his reasons for doing “clean comedy” and why he avoided the many trappings of show business throughout his successful career. This episode is sponsored by IFC Films’ Your Sister’s Sister, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Adam and Eve.