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Episode 35 - Dave Pullano / Howard Kremer… maybe?

Dave Pullano was trying to break into show business when he started working as the receptionist for Miramax Films. That job wound up giving him his start as a Hollywood writer but, as he tells Marc, it took a big lie to get his big break. Also on the show, comedian Howard Kremer, although we hear he’s been having trouble showing up on time.


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caseywhiskers April 03, 2013 at 11:57 am

Sorry, this is just a practice comment.  Haven’t listened to this episode yet.  I am about to because I’m going to listen to every last one of em.  Marc is doing the real work.  I just listened to the last episode with Dana DeArmond and my girlfriend just left for yoga.  To an avid masturbater an empty house is the ultimate aphrodisiac so obviously I’m currently engaged in an internal battle about whether or not to go vigorously rub my wiener.  I currently and coincidentally have the exact same facial hair situation as Marc (stache, soul-patch, 3 day stubble) so clearly I take that as a sign that I’ve made the right choices in my life up to this point.  Now I just have to decide if I should jerk off.