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Episode 343 - Dylan Moran

Irish comedian Dylan Moran and WTF host Marc Maron try not to confuse their last names. Dylan tells Marc about doing comedy around the world, as well as bringing it to the masses through TV shows like Black Books and movies like Shaun of the Dead. Plus, Dylan reveals which WTF regular is one of his favorite American discoveries. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Enter WTF for a special deal on mini Christmas trees. Also sponsored by Audible and Adam and Eve.


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Sessie March 18, 2013 at 2:27 pm

I adored Dylan Moran in his series Black Books with Bill Bailey. This is one of my favorite WTF interviews so far. Thank Mark!

will May 09, 2013 at 10:44 pm

this is my real name and real email, but this is an old episode who knows who will read this. That being said… Listening to Marc recount the shear amount of food and meat that he was shoveling into his face and ultimately his festering bowels, I realized how disgusting it was to me. A true testament to a “starving artist.”  Starvation makes you mentally sharp.
  So I wasn’t turned on by the food porn, but instead the idea of food which would normally make my stomach growl were gone and replaced with focus. Which I turned into a guitar session.  Thanks for the food for thought Marc. Eat less pork please.