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Episode 22 - Doug Stanhope / Janeane Garofalo

Marc and Doug Stanhope sit down for their first-ever conversation to mull over the possibility of going off the grid. Plus, Janeane Garofalo drops by to join in the conversation, complete with a Rashomon-like retelling of a violent encounter Marc had with a club-goer in the mid-90s.


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ikdks December 09, 2013 at 11:38 am

I just caught this on you tube, and I wanted to maybe complete Janeane Garofalo’s thought concerning why ambush interviewers are more prone to going after women.  I think in some cases ambush interviews are in fact low grade sexual assaults.

I never would have thought that had it not been for O’Keefe and his sex boat stunt.  He tried to trap a female reporter on a boat full of various sex toys, including handcuffs.  I don’t even know what the cover story was supposed to be, how that was supposed to expose the liberal media, it just sounds like the beginning of a rape fantasy to me. 

There was also that ‘he said she said’ about him stealing a young female staffer’s underwear, not to mention posing as a pimp and having another young woman pose as his prostitute.  The degradation of women seems to be more conspicuous an element of his stunts than any political motivation.

Which is why I wonder if that isn’t ultimately the point.  Trapping a woman (on camera), so that she can’t get away, then subjecting her to a humiliation that she can’t resist.  The political objective is often vague and idiosyncratic, but the result, dominating and humiliating a woman is consistent.  Maybe in the end it’s just about the perpetrators getting a little tea-boner.