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Episode 1 - Jeff Ross

A great first guest for a great first show - The Master of the Roasts, comedian Jeff Ross. With his new book set to hit stores, Jeff and Marc talk about the finer art of the comedic roast, as well as how a roast led to one of the worst nights of Marc’s life, and how one of the worst night’s of Jeff’s life was salvaged by Tom Cruise.

Also, in his WTF moment of the day, Marc tells us how an act of crime led to his liberation from Whole Foods Market.


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brandon May 01, 2013 at 9:20 pm

what’s the second to last song on this episode? It’s the song that plays right after his interview with jeff

On behalf of Whole Foods....kind of... September 04, 2013 at 11:05 pm

I’ve worked for Whole Foods in the Rocky Mountain Region for 3yrs.  You can probably make an assumption about my views on the company by the fact that I’ve remained anonymous.  I don’t know alot about Mackey outside of the b.s. the company tells us.  I can say that as an employee of Whole Foods, my benefits are far better than they would be in many companies, particularly when it comes to healthcare.  I get medical, dental, and vision plus an HSA with very little out of pocket.  I must say though that if not for my 20% employee discount I could not afford to eat there, and I do buy most of my groceries elsewhere.  I’ve been to a Whole Foods in the San Diego area once when I was on vacation last year, and I used to visit a few locations down south before I moved to this region, and my region seems to have the highest standards by far.  I can’t speak for California, but here the salad bar is ALWAYS fresh.  The Hot Bar, on the other hand, is absolutely the dumping ground for food going out of date.  We are still pretty strict about not exceeding shelf life, but most of the food on the hot bar is put there at the end of its life to avoid the cost of throwing it out.  I do eat from the bars, and have never been sick from any food from any Whole Foods.  Bottom line is that no company is perfect, and I definitely have my gripes with Whole Foods, it can feel Orwellian working for them sometimes, but mostly I think people are overly critical of the company because they expect complete moral perfection.  It’s not holy, but it certainly isn’t evil.  If you asked me which way the scale tips, I’d say there’s still more good than bad.