We Had Pizza.


Everything okay? It’s going to have to be enough. Waves of horrible, waves of amazing, hovering below or above a baseline of okay. I’m sitting here listening to a re-issue of Hüsker Dü's ‘Flip Your Wig.’ So, I’m good. 

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It’s been an interesting few days. I’m coming down from taping my special. I had a few days to rest, kind of, not really. Actually, I went right back to work. No reprieve really. Then, my mother came in to town. So, I had to handle that. I have to say it wasn’t bad. It was good. I was glad she came out. It’s just that I don’t do much. I don’t go out a lot. I don’t really do things too often. When someone comes into town you have to make some plans or else things can get ugly. She wasn’t staying at my house so I had to make up for my small house by getting out and doing stuff. 

Sarah and I took her to the Huntington Gardens the first day and were not prepared for the temperature so we all almost passed out. It was pretty though. Things are prettier sometimes when you are about to pass out. The next day we went to Broad Museum. We saw some good stuff. It’s a hell of a collection. It's amazing that there are enough Warhols in the world for me to see some I have never seen before. There was some good early Ruscha stuff and an old Deibenkorn I liked. We had dinners. We went to LA MOCA and saw the Kerry James Marshall show. I saw it in NYC. Just got better. We took in some theater at The Actor’s Gang and watched ‘Harlequino: On To Freedom.’ It’s Tim Robbins new show. I learned things. There were good masks. I had a screener of Aza Jacobs new film ‘The Lovers’ which I liked but I think my mother said, "It’s kind of slow." It was, but that’s what made the tension so effective. Good movie. That guy can shoot. 

Did I mention we had pizza? We had pizza. 

Then, the last day she was here I woke up ill, buggy, gross. I don’t think it had anything to do with her. I rarely get sick but I was (am) a little sick. Just been going too hard, I think. Happens. It was good to see Mom. 
I’ll try to feel better and you all can enjoy the shows this week. They are great ones. Today I talk to John Michael Higgins. He’s the guy who is in all the Christopher Guest movies and you always wonder who he is. Now you will know. I also do a shorter chat with my friend Maria Bamford. I love her. It’s always great to spend time with her. On Thursday, you can listen to me and Kevin Bacon. Just like in the movies, he doesn’t disappoint. Good guy. Solid. Great talk. 


Boomer lives!