Waste Responsibly.

Me again, Folks!

I don’t even know how many people even read these anymore. I guess I could check. There’s a way to check, I think.

Well, if you are reading, here’s what’s up:

I made it back from Vermont. It almost didn’t happen, actually. I can’t stand small regional airports. Especially on a Sunday. There’s only one flight out to wherever you need to go. If something goes wrong with the one plane there’s no other planes there to use, none coming in and there might not be anyone there to fix it or get a part if needed. Yesterday the issue was something more expansive. 

From what I could understand there was a GPS satellite issue with all the small model jets of the type was I on. There was no way to navigate them, any of them. That’s what they said when we were told to get off the plane. Then the charade begins. The re-routing and re-booking of flights when a flight is canceled or delayed hours. Trying to hustle a connection. I was flying into Chicago and I was told every flight after the one I was missing was booked. Then you have to get on the phone with the airline because there’s no reason to believe the gate agent outright. I weaseled a middle seat in the back of coach on a later flight out of Chicago. We took off three hours late from Burlington but made the connection. When I got to the gate they gave me an aisle.  I was supposed to be in first. I took the hit. I’m no diva and I wasn’t going to wait until today to get another flight so I could fly first.  It’s good to be in coach every once in a while. Humility.

And don’t any of you judge me as some elitist, rich, snobby, entitled, spoiled person. I have no kids, no wife, no debt. I win. I can fly first. Life is short. I want to waste my money responsibly on things I like and give a bunch to charities I think are good. That’s it.

The Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington was good. It was actually kind of trippy once I was able to appreciate it that way. It’s an intimate club but it’s got high ceilings and a lot of new concrete construction which makes it a little hard as opposed to soft. Not hard as opposed to easy. The lights were a bit harsh. It was hard to see any of the audience. The stage is elevated a bit. It annoyed me at first but once I got used to it the effect of the place kind of made you feel like you were floating in space up there. I did some serious riffing and got a little loopy on a couple of the shows. Got some work done. Things happened that will never happen again. Including a German chemist climbing on stage and hugging me, freaking out the crowd and then later being thrown out of the club. You shouldn’t do hallucinogens and go see comedy unless you can really handle your high.

I got out a bit. I went to Red Rocks Park with my old friend Jim who came up from New Hampshire. We had great day. Hiked around, talked about all the stuff. I met some new people, ate some great food, walked around town a lot, saw people I didn’t know three times in one day (small town) and did some good shows. Thanks Burlington.

Today on the show I was honored to talk to Mavis Staples. What a great human. On Thursday I talk to comedic actress and producer Jamie Denbo about her new show. Great talks.


Boomer lives!