Opening weekend, Folks!

I hope you’re surviving our steady shift into authoritarianism and the relentless heat of climate change.

I know you may be tired of hearing me talk about it but I guess this is the way things are done now. You annoy people until whatever you are repeating lodges in their brain one way or another. This is how word of mouth promotion happens and fascism.

‘Sword of Trust’ opened here in LA over the weekend and I did some more Q&A with Lynn Shelton, Jon Bass and Jillian Bell at the Nuart. The crowds were great. The movie keeps getting laughs. It’s been fun to see. I know it will all fade into the past. I know that this whirlwind of press and excitement will dissipate and life will go on as before.

I didn’t expect any of what is happening. That was the best way to experience it all. It happened. I wasn’t waiting. I was present for it without expectation.

I’ve decided to stop waiting. In general. It seems like the best way to go through it. It tempers disappointment and when good things happen it's surprising. It will all end. We are living in the end. No need to ruin your mind with anticipation, expectation, negative or positive fantasy. I guess I’m also fortunate in that my brain seems incapable of thinking too far ahead or knowing what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing or where I’m supposed to be more than a few days out. I don’t know when that happened. I hope it’s not my brain failing.

That said, you can go to swordoftrust.com for information on all the ways you can see the film in theaters and streaming.

I’m back in LA. I’m back in my house. My cats seem happy I’m home. My old cats have gotten very affectionate in their old age. Maybe that happens with all animals as they get older. You let go a bit. Vigilance gives way. You realize you made it this far, relax a bit.

My little brother came out over the weekend just to hang out. It was fun. No pressure, no reason, just to spend some time together. This whole idea of making time for people is becoming pressing to me for some reason. I guess I realize that I can stay busy and keep plowing through life without even really taking time to think about what has happened or what is happening. Which happens just by virtue of how much I have to do. It’s strange about being self-employed. You really don’t know how to stop working. I have to take time to be with people that I love or like or want to spend time with. The time gets away from us. Apparently life is about that time, not about plowing through.

I spend time with Geena Davis and you can listen to that today. The education of me continues. Learning. On Thursday, another chapter in the oral history of The Comedy Store. I talk to Tom Dreesen about the strike, Letterman, Sinatra, the streets. Great talks.


Boomer lives!